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PKMN-Street: Katrina Application by goddess-madoka PKMN-Street: Katrina Application by goddess-madoka

Name: Katrina "Kat" Williams
Age: 19 yrs.
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Mienshao

Birthday: 6/17/1994
Hometown: Aspertia City

Personality: A spunky and courageous young girl, Kat is never one to back down from a fight. She's hotheaded and outspoken and loves a challenge. She hates losing and holds grudges for long periods of time, refusing to easily forgive others. She loves to be around other pokemon but she doesn't make friends very easily. She's stubborn, and if she has an opinion she'll stick by it to the end. She isn't remarkably smart, but she thinks she is. She's rather bossy and loves to brag about anything she's achieved. She has a quick temper and won't hesitate to threaten others if they annoy her.

Height: 5'5
Body Type: Lean

Ability: Regenerator
Nature: Bold
Summary Characteristic: Quick-Tempered

History: Kat was born in the hillside city of Aspertia in Unova to a young couple who had recently left college and gotten married. Her mother made most of the family's money and worked as an accountant, though her father was a cashier at a grocery store. In her early years her father would take her to work with him, and she was beloved throughout the workplace, despite only sitting at the register with her father.
When she was old enough to go to school she enrolled at the local elementary school and didn't do very well in most of her subjects. She was also a bit of an outcast: because of her protests her parents had enrolled her in the middle of the first year, and everyone already had friends. She tried to make friends by being goofy or silly, since that had worked at the grocery store, but instead the other students shunned her. A few girls even began to bully her, which didn't help her situation at all.
This went on for a few years until Kat decided that she'd had enough. She enrolled in karate very suddenly and worked out at the local fitness center as much as her parents would let her. Her strength grew rapidly and eventually she'd worked up her confidence again.
It was in the fourth grade that she felt truly ready to stand up for herself. Most of the bullies had gone away, but one remained: a purrloin girl. When she began her torment one day Kat retaliated by physical means: punching, kicking and throwing the girl against lockers. She found herself in a mad fury: she loved the taste of revenge.
She was, of course, suspended, but afterwards she was one of the most infamous girls in the school, and as her strength continued to grow so did her power over the other students. And she loved it.
Unfortunately her reign had to end with the introduction of college. She was very hesitant to move away from Aspertia and to somewhere else where nobody knew her, so she stayed back a grade. Life continued on as usual until the next year, when she reluctantly agreed to move away. She enrolled at a school in the far away Hoenn region and hopped on a plane with nothing but a tiny suitcase. However her luck must have been down on her and the plane crash-landed onto Alohi. Annoyed, Kat (who luckily only had a broken leg) decided after a while that she'd like the life of an adventurer better than the one of a college student and decided to stay.

:iconfightingtypeplz: Brick Break
:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Jab
:iconfightingtypeplz: Jump Kick
:iconflyingtypeplz: Aerial Ace

Favorite Food: Hamburgers
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December 21, 2013
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