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November 30, 2013
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P-F: Wendy Application (Evolution) by goddess-madoka P-F: Wendy Application (Evolution) by goddess-madoka

She evolved hehe
I don't like swoobat's tail though so I kept it partly similar to her old one.

Name: Wendy

Gender: Female

Species: Woobat

Type: Flying/Psychic

Age: 19

Rank: Ranger

Moveset: Charge Beam-Signal Beam-Psychic-Air Slash

Housing #: 3

Personality: Wendy is cheerful and friendly, and has an even temper. She is easily hurt and offended, but tries not to show these emotions (and usually fails). She loves making friends and is remarkably loyal, although she can be a tiny bit clingy. She is a hopeless romantic and hopes to find love, although she rarely has much luck. She isn't too strong but is very quick on her paws, though she's better in flight. She has a strong sense of justice and despises crime, doing her best to keep the streets safe. She is clumsy and forgetful, but she isn't stupid, and doesn't fall for tricks as easily as one might think. She can be awkward and isn't remarkable at being social. Occasionally, a cynical, sarcastic side of her can come out, but she desperately wants to be optimistic. Her #1 goal is the be a brave and daunting daredevil, but she is still easily scared. She cries easily, and hides her ace when this happens: she doesn't want anyone to see her like that.

Held Item: Focus Sash (made into a scarf; birthday gift)

Background Info: Wendy was born on a small island an hour away from the initial Pokč-Paw island, known as Roost Island. It was home to many flying-type cats and had many tall trees and mountains. One such mountain was home to a village of different poke-cats, including a woobat population which Wendy belonged to. As a young kit she looked up to a group of talented flyers that did shows in the village, and seemed to risk their lives in many aerial stunts. Wendy decided that when she grew up she wanted to be a daredevil like them, and decided to start working on her dream from a young age. Her parents half-heartedly supported her, although they didn't want Wendy to be hurt.
One day the stunt group Wendy looked up to split apart after one flyer died in a show, and Wendy was heartbroken: those flyers were her idols. However the event pushed her to continue their legacy, and she wanted to be a daredevil more than ever.
There was a problem, though: her family was poor.
They couldn't pay for professional lessons, equipment or even a very small track. It seemed as if Wendy was more likely to become a shopkeeper rather than a daredevil, so Wendy decided to do what now she would think utterly despicable: she began to steal.
She started very small: she only took supposedly unwanted parts to make an obstacle course for herself, but she soon became greedy and took more than what she needed for her track. 
She was caught stealing one day, but not by the owner of the pieces. It was a slender cat with a silver tongue, who Wendy began to fall for. He noticed her swiftness and ability to purloin objects and invited her to join a Roost Island branch of a certain team. She accepted.
Wendy began doing odd jobs for the Rockets and collecting items for them assuming they would put them to good use, but in reality they were hatching a plan for the village. 
She was on a small raid with a few other cats when they were caught stealing a rather large amount of money, and the cats Wendy was going with fled and left Wendy to fend for herself, cornered. She had to fend off the authorities from the money, but that was about when the plan started: the Rockets began to attack the village.
They stole as much as they could and killed a few defending cats in the process. Wendy was horrified; how could she have ever affiliated herself with these vile cats? She resigned then and there, although it hardly helped her case: the police were angry with her (she would have been arrested for thievery and assisting criminals), and now the Rockets weren't too pleased, either. With a heavy heart, Wendy had to flee the island-she didn't want anything to happen to her, and she couldn't stand to watch her home be attacked. She decided that she hated Team Rocket, and would never forgive them for tricking her, attacking her village, and forcing her to leave her home. Never, ever.
She soon came across Pokč-Paw Island and decided to make a new life there, and lived on the island until it was destroyed.

:bulletred: Dislike
:bulletyellow: Intimidated by
:bulletorange: Acquaintance
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletblue: Great friend
:bulletpurple: Crush
:bulletpink: Love/Mate
:bulletblack: Respect
:bulletwhite: Unsure

:bulletorange: Aire- "Pretty nice! We've only met once, and hopefully we'll get to know each other better."

:bulletred:/:bulletwhite: Niccoli- "A nice guy. I saved his life about 2 or 3 times in a day, haha. I'm hoping to see more of him someday!" "I... I take it back. I don't want to see him again. I feel really betrayed by him...I just... I feel really stupid for considering a maybe-sort-of-friend when he was really just a petty thief. ...Can we talk about someone else now?"

:bulletgreen::bulletblack: Sol- "He's a ranger like me. He's an excellent fighter and hunter, and helped me out a lot on Halloween. We had a spar once, and wow, is he strong! I was getting creamed there... Heh, anyways, he's an ok friend!"

:bulletblue: Lionel- "I think of him as a sort of adoptive little brother. I found him all alone one night, and decided to take him under my wing, haha. He's a lot stronger than he first let on, and though he's regularly timid he can be brave if he has to be.

:bulletgreen: Farah- "Farah's a sweetheart~ She's super-nice from what I've seen and not a bad painter either! I hope we get to be even better friends someday!

:bulletred: Elizabeth- "Grr, that sneaky rocket, disguising herself as Ricard... Not to mention, she almost got away with stealing files from Ira's office. I think I came to the rescue, though! A-ha! Even if they were destroyed in the end...

:bulletred: Vita- "Tch, when do they ever learn, those Rockets? She made a move on my scarf; but she was pretty easy to pacify compared to the other Rockets I've met. 

:bulletgreen: Bo- "He's a really great racer, not to mention a pretty cool guy! I hope I get to meet him again someday~!"

? Ricard- (Will update when RP is complete)

? Marvin- (Will update when RP is complete)

? Roman- (Will update when RP is complete)

RP Example:
(From Wendy's former backstory:)
Wendy tiptoed silently through the cave. She looked around cautiously at the sleeping pokecats, and wondered how they would react to find her gone. Wendy began to walk faster; then run out of the cave. She kept on running until she reached the edge of the cliff her cave was situated on. She began to breathe through her mouth, losing her breath. Her stamina wasn't that great, but she knew she couldn't focus on that right now. When she was about to fall off, the woobat spread her wings and flew off into the sunny sky. She squinted as she glided through the humid summer air. Wendy was not used to sunlight, as her species was nocturnal by nature. She had to get used to it, though. There weren't many other nocturnal pokemon that she knew of, but then again her knowledge was limited from being stuck in a cave for so long. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts. She did not know where the wind would take her; but her ever it did, she knew she would be happy.

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